Use this form to submit a request for a new Westmont ID card or ID card reprint.  

ID cards are used to charge your meal plan in the dining commons, pick up packages at the post office, check out books at Voskuyl Library, and open on-campus electronic access doors.

Your Westmont email address. If you do not have a Westmont email address, type "N/A

Request Type
I.D Card Information

This is a 5-digit PIN number that can be found on the back of your current I.D. card (See image below).  This field is only required if you have an existing ID card that is still in your possession.
ID Card Photo

Ready to Submit? 
If you are a current student and have previously been issued an ID card, a $15 fee will be charged to your student account after this form is submitted.

Important: Please be aware that your current ID card will be deactivated when your new card is printed.